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Raúl Zurutuza: Acapulco Open, a huge challenge for Mextenis

The director of the Abierto Mexicano Telcel presentado por HSBC, Raúl Zurutuza, considers that the XXVIII edition of the tournament (which starts this Monday under extraordinary conditions due to the health emergency) has been a huge challenge that he has been able to handle, all thanks to teamwork and a positive attitude from the organization. "We have to look on the positive side of this type of situation. We must have a good attitude, always looking ahead. One of the reasons we are doing the tournament is because of that, because it is important to have the tournament and send a positive message that if all things are done correctly, they can go well," he said in a conference. He also explained that the organization of the tournament united the Mextenis organization as a team, and although there were tensions along the way, these all worked to keep moving the tournament forward. "In adversity, we must bring out the best in each one of us. Personally, I stay with the unity that was shown in Mextenis, and we will continue to do what we like most, which is to organize this tournament,” he said. Zurutuza hopes that Mexican fans will comply with all the prevention measures of the AMT Safety protocol after this weekend in which the qualifying tournament took place. They had more than 1,500 fans, they are also ready to receive 3,000 this Monday, this being the maximum capacity allowed by the authorities, which already is sold out. Regarding the sport, management said “it’s great to have in our main draw three Top 10’s”, just like the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, the German Alexander Zverev and the Argentine Diego Schartzman, the main draw will be integrated mostly by players in the world’s Top 50. The Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas’ participation in this tournament, since this year chose Acapulco instead of Dubai’s tournament, was celebrated by the tournament’s director, Raúl Zurutuza, who received him at the airport on Sunday and considered him as "a very relaxed guy". "We talked a lot with his agent, he was fine, I saw him happy, he’s a super relaxed, very light guy, I hope he falls in love with Mexico and stays," Zurutuza said."Tsitsipas arrived well, happy, already trained and it will be interesting to see what happens, but I think we will have great events with him”. For Raul, having two tournaments in the same week is very good, both for the tournaments themselves and also for the players. He pointed out that the story of the Swiss Roger Federer, who is hardly linked with the Dubai’s tournament, therefore he cannot compete in Acapulco, this should not happen and that is why it’s important that all players play as many tournaments as they can.

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